For over 20 years, customers around the world have entrusted AAM to design, engineer, validate and manufacture driveline, metal forming, powertrain, and casting technologies for automotive, commercial and industrial markets. Today, we are a premier global Tier 1 automotive supplier with broad capabilities across multiple product lines to deliver efficient, powerful and innovative solutions for our customers. We are AAM and we have the POWER to move the world.
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Detroit, MI, United States

For over 20 years, customers around the world have entrusted AAM to design, engineer, validate and manufacture driveline, metal forming, powertrain, and casting technologies for automotive, commercial and industrial markets. Today, we are a premier global Tier 1 automotive supplier with broad capabilities across multiple product lines to deliver efficient, powerful and innovative solutions for our customers. We are AAM and we have the POWER to move the world.

Chris Son
Greater Detroit Area
Director Investor Relations, Corporate Communications & Marketing
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  • App Url: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aam.voicerecorder
  • App Support: http://voiceofthenation.online
  • Genre: tools
  • Bundle ID: com.aam.voicerecorder
  • App Size: 16.4 M
  • Release Date: August 23rd, 2017
  • Update Date: August 23rd, 2017


In the digital era when people connected to media require content creation on daily basis, whether it's a sole entity or an organization. You might require traveling for coverage of different activities going around and therefore will need proper tools that you can carry conveniently wherever you want to.

Voice beat is an 'Audio Recording' app which can be used by Journalists, TV Anchors, News reporters and You tubers. Best thing about it is that you don't have to pay for it because it's priceless.

This is 'Seventh Sky Tch' second launch after the release of 'Light House' and many more will come in near future and we'll elevate the service through these products by facilitating user on their experience with our products.

Voice Beat is a reliable app tested in all sort of environments for best results.

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Aam receives up to 0.05M pageviews per day, in countries such as India, United States.

They are headquartered at Detroit, MI, United States, and have 1 advertising & marketing contacts listed on Thalamus. Aam works with Advertising technology companies such as AdRoll, Varick Media Management, eXelate, AppNexus, AppNexus Segment Pixel, DoubleClick.Net, Facebook Custom Audiences.