The Orchard is a pioneering music, video and film distribution company and top-ranked Multi Channel Network operating in more than 25 global markets. With a holistic approach to sales and marketing combined with industry-leading technology and operations, The Orchard amplifies reach and revenue across hundreds of digital, physical and mobile outlets around the world. The Orchard streamlines content owners' business complexity with an intuitive client dashboard, comprehensive rights management and tailored client support. Founded in 1997, The Orchard empowers businesses and creators in the entertainment industry.

Our first-class industry products include:

Artist Builder: A time-saving tool that manages artists’ photos, videos, bio, news & tour dates in one compact location, connects to your FB account for easy sharing & embeds on your website/blog.

Release Builder: Your one-stop shop for video & audio uploads. Upload one or multiple releases at once, create compilations, make exclusive versions & track delivery.

Marketplace: Our curated in-house app store feat. discounted marketing, sales & business tools. Seamlessly integrated with Release and Artist Builder, Marketplace makes it easy to use our partner apps within one single platform.

Analytics: An interactive tool to track release activity & sales efforts in real-time. Sales data is gathered from retail partners & used to generate graphs, charts & maps to help our clients understand & focus their efforts.

V.E.C.T.O.R. (Very Efficient Conduit To Our Retailers): Our secure digital distribution platform delivers our clients’ valuable data to digital & mobile retailers worldwide.

B.A.C.O.N. (Bulk Automated Claiming on The Orchard Network): Our proprietary auto-claiming tool saves our channel partners 400hrs/mo in claiming monetary rights to YouTube videos.

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    The Orchard is a pio-neer-ing music, video and film dis-tri-b-u-tion com-pany and top-ranked Multi Chan-nel Net-work oper-at-ing in more than 25 global mar-kets. With a holis-tic approach to sales and mar-ket-ing com-bined with industry-leading tech-nol-ogy and oper-a-tions, The Orchard ampli-fies reach and rev-enue across hun-dreds of dig-i-tal, phys-i-cal and mobile out-lets around the world. The Orchard stream-lines con-tent own-ers’ busi-ness com-plex-ity with an intu-itive client dash-board, com-pre-hen-sive rights man-age-ment and tai-lored client sup-port. Founded in 1997, The Orchard empow-ers busi-nesses and cre-ators in the enter-tain-ment industry.
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Retail Marketing Manager
Dan Griffiths
London, United Kingdom
Director, Interactive Marketing
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Director, Corporate & Product Marketing
Dylan Lewis
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Account Manager, Retail Marketing
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Advertising Coordinator
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Manager, Interactive Marketing
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OrchardGo is an exclusive tool available to labels and artists distributed by The Orchard. Engage with fans, track social trends, and access real-time playlist placement and streaming performance right at your fingertips.

-Competitively measure social engagement and market visibility within the music industry.

-Receive push notifications on when social posts are trending.

-Segment followers by follower count.

-Follow along as your tracks receive new Playlist Placements or select a playlist to get details specific to your release.

-Dive deeper to see Track Analytics like all-time streams, trends, playlist placements and more.

-View your Recent Products to monitor their performance following street date.

OrchardGo can support strategic marketing decisions, illustrate the development of your releases and help draw new fans to your music.

The Orchard is a leading music distribution company operating in over 40 markets worldwide. With a comprehensive artist & label services offering including full-service marketing, sync licensing, video services, transparent data analysis, advertising, rights management, digital and physical distribution and more, The Orchard empowers creators and businesses to grow and adapt in the dynamic global industry. For further information, visit

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The Orchard advertising reaches 214k visitors across desktop and mobile web, in countries such as United States, Turkey, Japan, Spain, Russia. Pricing models they offer are CPM on channels such as Video Advertising on The Orchard will allow you to reach consumers in industries or verticals such as .

They are headquartered at Quitman, GA, United States, and have 23 advertising & marketing contacts listed on Thalamus.

The Orchard works with Advertising technology companies such as The Trade Desk, SpotXchange, AppNexus, Facebook Exchange FBX, Accuen, DoubleClick.Net, Yahoo Small Business, Yield Manager, BlueKai, Media Innovation Group, Adap.TV, DemDex, Twitter Ads, Rubicon Project, Facebook Custom Audiences, Neustar AdAdvisor, Aggregate Knowledge, Centro, eXelate, AppNexus Segment Pixel.