As a global leader in Artificial Intelligence technology, Quantcast is using machine learning to drive human learning to help brands grow in the AI-era.

Founded in 2006, Quantcast is the real-time pulse of the Internet helping marketers and publishers understand their audiences through 1st party direct measurement. With the largest AI-driven audience insights platform measuring over 150 million web destinations, Quantcast’s predictive analytics powers insights, targeting and measurement solutions for marketers, agencies, consultancies and publishers worldwide.
Headquartered in San Francisco, Quantcast employs more than 800 employees in 22 offices across 10 countries.

For more information, visit www.quantcast.com.

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    201 Third Street 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94103 United States of America
  • Office Locations:
    HQ: San Francisco. Also: New York, London, Dublin, Paris, Munich, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and more to come...
  • 501-1,000 employees
  • Desktop Display
    • Brand Integrations
      Yes No
    • Sponsored Posts
      Yes No
    • Native Ads
      Yes No
    • High-Impact (Takeovers, Billboards, Overlays, Sliders, Skins)
      Yes No
    • Rich Media (Expandable & Non-Expandable)
      Yes No
  • Mobile Display
    Platform Supported:
    • Android
    • Mobile Web
    • iOS
    • Mobile Rich Media (Including Interstitials & Expandables)
      Yes No
    • Tablet Traffic
      Yes No
    • Native & Custom Mobile Executions
      Yes No
    • Requires SDK Integration
      Yes No
    Ad Features / Call-To-Actions
  • Social
  • Desktop Video
    • In-Banner Video
      Yes No
    • Pre-Roll
      Yes No
    • Mid-Roll
      Yes No
    • Post-Roll
      Yes No
    • Video Companion Ad
      Yes No
    • Outstream Video
      Yes No
    • Custom Video Executions
      Yes No
  • Desktop Display, Mobile Display, Social, Desktop Video
  • CPM, CPA
  • Ad Technology Provider, Demand Side Platform, Other, Retargeting
  • Minimum Spend:
  • Headline:
    Audience Measurement & Display Ad Targeting Platform
  • Self / Managed Service:
    Managed Service
  • Industries
  • Key Differentiator
    Top 5 data processing organization with access to browsing behavior of +100M web destinations
  • Targeting

    Custom audience targeting created for your brand

  • Data Partners
  • Ad Verification / Brand Safety / Measurement / Viewability Partners
    Various: NAI, EDAA certified, etc.
  • Approved 3rd Party Ad Serving / Rich Media Vendors
    Adform Conversant Mediaplex eyeReturn Flashtalking DoubleClick Rich Media PointRoll Sizmek MediaMind Weborama
Aamir Jamil
Madrid Area, Spain
Strategic Insights Manager
Abtin Fanaeian
Madrid Area, Spain
Agency Sales Manager-Maxus and MEC
Aimee Gossage
Madrid Area, Spain
Senior Sales Lead
Alana Salzberg
Madrid Area, Spain
Senior Campaign Analyst
Alan Wehausen
Madrid Area, Spain
Sales Executive
Alexander Trunzo
Madrid Area, Spain
Workplace Planning & Operations
Alexandra Dunlap
Madrid Area, Spain
Manager, Publisher Client Services East
Alex Mills
Madrid Area, Spain
Client Partnership Director
Alice Podenzana
Madrid Area, Spain
Senior Account Manager
Aline (Merolli) Warren
Madrid Area, Spain
Senior Manager, Customer Success
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  • 545 K Estimated Visits
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  • Release Date: August 19th, 2013
  • Update Date: August 19th, 2013


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Quantcast Corporation is a digital marketing company that provides free audience demographics measurement and delivers real-time advertising.
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Quantcast advertising reaches 545k visitors across desktop and mobile web, in countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, Canada, India, Germany, Iraq, Singapore, Sweden. Pricing models they offer are CPM, CPA on channels such as Display, Mobile, Social, Video Advertising on Quantcast will allow you to reach consumers in industries or verticals such as Gaming; you can target them with parameters such as: Custom audience targeting created for your brand.

They are headquartered at 201 Third Street 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94103 United States of America, and have 264 advertising & marketing contacts listed on Thalamus.

Quantcast works with Advertising technology companies such as ADTECH, DoubleClick.Net, AppNexus, Openads/OpenX, Yahoo Small Business, Rubicon Project, Struq, Index Exchange, Tapad, IponWeb BidSwitch, Bizo, LinkedIn Ads, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Pubmatic, Google Remarketing, Beeswax, Adify, Drawbridge, Facebook Custom Audiences.