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    Publisher: Playboy Covers of the World
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    This site is the most complete resource for cover images of international editions of Playboy Magazine - all 43 editions of them, including USA. At this moment I have 7935 covers and it's growing every day. To learn more about the history of Playboy magazine, read the Playboy FAQs at the Playboy Enterprises web site and visit the Playboy page on Wikipedia. I hope that this site will fit well with the other private Playboy resources available on the 'Net. At inception, it was the only one of its kind though other sites have cropped up in the last few years, several of which obtained their covers from this site. It is an adult oriented site due to its subject matter. I would classify the site as a "non-sexual adult site." Neither in content nor advertizing will you find depictions of sexual behavior. However, I have still labeled the site with ICRA to provide the proper filtration as it is definitely NSFW. If you are a collector of Playboy's international editions or know someone who is and have access to a scanner, please contribute to this project by sending your cover images via email. Images should be in .jpg format and the resolution should be a minimum of 600 x 450 (H x W). I will give credit for your contribution if you desire. To those individuals who have contributed, a big "Thanks! And keep 'em coming!"
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