How can you get the inside view on where brands are spending ad dollars, leverage that powerful data to create a bulletproof sales pitch, and win new accounts? MediaRadar is a SaaS company created to provide real-time advertising insights and give you the tools to outsmart your competition – all while streamlining the sales process.

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MediaRadar offers comprehensive ad analysis for over 3.1 million brands across multiple media platforms including TV, digital, mobile, email, social media, print and more. Over 1,600 clients enjoy unmatched quality and award-winning customer service to help them identify new prospects, create bulletproof pitches, and grow their business.

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    Sales enablement platforms customized for media, ad tech, and agencies that help you close more deals.
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Whether you sell advertising space or you are in business development at an agency, MediaRadar has the solution you need grow your business. MediaRadar instantly delivers insights and advice used to prospect for new business, create compelling pitches and increase revenue. Get MediaRadar’s multi-media brand analysis for over 3.1 million brands seamlessly integrated into this easy-to-use mobile app.

“MediaRadar has a great depth of knowledge, they understand the creative executions and how an advertisers is utilizing different media formats. This allows us to strategize more before we meet the client or prospect.” - Bill Rosolie, Reelz

“I LOVE this additional piece of MediaRadar. It is great to have everything I need to create my pitch in one place. Thanks for the update!” - Beth Lusko, Conde Nast

"Whether you are Consumer or B2B media, if you want to be dominant in the marketplace, you have to know about your competitors. And there is only one way to do that, with a tool like MediaRadar." – Ryan Dohrn, Brain Swell Media, LLC

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Find the valuable advertising insights and trends that are needed to take your team’s sales to the next level.

PRINT: Dramatically improve ad sales and client management. Put the most up-to-date, relevant information, analysis, and advice on the desktop of every member of your sales team.

ONLINE DISPLAY: Instantly identify the most active advertisers in your market. Find advertisers that are buying high CPM ads, and whether they place mostly through networks or directly with websites like yours.

ONLINE VIDEO: Quickly build a list of prospects who are already buying online video ads or are likely to start. Search through video creative to see the exact context an ad ran in, and stay current with the latest competitive offerings in online video.

NATIVE/CUSTOM CONTENT: Thousands of advertisers are purchasing custom content or native advertising each month. Determine if this high-CPM format is valuable to your prospects.

EMAIL: Easy view your competition’s e-newsletters. Learn who is advertising in them and how you can get them to sponsor your email blasts.

CONTACT INFO: Stop guessing who the decision makers are. Find detailed marketing contact information for 20,000 brands and ad placement information for 3,500 agencies.
TV: Scale ad sales by finding new TV prospects and upselling existing advertisers to online video. MediaRadar guides linear and web-based TV sales teams through prospecting and pre-call research.

EDIT CREDITS: Prove to advertisers that your editorial supports their products. Prepare “Look Books” of brands mentions in seconds and get share of market for any product to win new advertisers.

EDIT MIX: Reveal detailed breakdowns of all editorial topics you are writing about. Instantly compare editorial categories and view articles about any topic.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Learn which brands value Twitter and Facebook. View social media trends, and uncover your audience overlap with the brands that are advertising in your market.


MediaRadar revolutionizes ad sales by helping media and agency executives spend their time pitching and closing deals, instead of researching and preparing. MediaRadar determines the best prospects to pursue, which offerings to pitch, and shows clients how to position themselves most effectively against their competitors. This sales-enablement platform is built on the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of multimedia advertising information available. MediaRadar serves ad sales teams at more than 1,400 media brands.

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MediaRadar advertising reaches visitors across desktop and mobile web, in countries such as United States. Pricing models they offer are on channels such as Email, Mobile, Native, Social Advertising on MediaRadar will allow you to reach consumers in industries or verticals such as .

They are headquartered at New York, NY, United States, and have advertising & marketing contacts listed on Thalamus.

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