MAXXRTB is online advertising technology company. With a strong focus on mobile, viewability, programmatic and real-time bidding advertisement to help monetize mobile apps and websites. MaxxRTB allows publishers, advertisers, agencies and ad networks the ability to manage their online, mobile, display, video and viewability advertising campaigns. MaxxRTB Programmatic Ad Exchange platform handle programmatic ad buying and selling, analyze reports, measure real time data, manage ad inventory and billing.

  • Desktop Display
    • Brand Integrations
      Yes No
    • Sponsored Posts
      Yes No
    • Native Ads
      Yes No
    • High-Impact (Takeovers, Billboards, Overlays, Sliders, Skins)
      Yes No
    • Rich Media (Expandable & Non-Expandable)
      Yes No
  • Email
  • Mobile Display
    Platform Supported:
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Mobile Web
    • Mobile Rich Media (Including Interstitials & Expandables)
      Yes No
    • Tablet Traffic
      Yes No
    • Native & Custom Mobile Executions
      Yes No
    • Requires SDK Integration
      Yes No
  • Mobile Video
    • Pre-Roll
      Yes No
    • Mid-Roll
      Yes No
    • Post-Roll
      Yes No
    • Outstream Video
      Yes No
    • Custom Mobile Video Executions
      Yes No
  • Native
  • Social
  • Desktop Video
    • In-Banner Video
      Yes No
    • Pre-Roll
      Yes No
    • Mid-Roll
      Yes No
    • Post-Roll
      Yes No
    • Video Companion Ad
      Yes No
    • Outstream Video
      Yes No
    • Custom Video Executions
      Yes No
  • Desktop Display, Email, Mobile Display, Mobile Video, Native, Social, Desktop Video
  • CPA, CPC, CPM, CPV, Revshare / ROAS
  • Ad Network, Ad Technology Provider, Demand Side Platform
  • Headline:
    Best Programmatic Digital Advertising Solutions, Best Programmatic Ad Exchange Platform
  • Self / Managed Service:
    Self-Service & Managed Service
  • Industries
    Automotive, Clothing & Fashion, Consumer Packaged Goods, Dating, eCommerce, Education, Energy and Utilities, Entertainment, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Gaming, Government & Politics, Health & Beauty, Healthcare, Non-Profit, Retail, Sports, Technology, Telecommunications, Travel & Leisure, Mobile App Installs
  • Key Differentiator
    Drive more sales to your site, app or store! Our products are designed to maintain your online presence, follow your next customer, engage with new audience and delivered higher results! Cross Campaign Cross Campaign is MaxxRTB's most powerful feature, you don't need to create duplicate campaign's for mobile, display or video. with MaxxRTB cross campaign capability you can create single campaign for mobile, video and display advertisement for in all cross devices. Based on targeting and added campaign creatives MaxxRTB technology will find out and display your ads in targeted device. You don't need to spend lot of time, money, effort and resources to create and manage duplicate campaigns, adding targeting selection and optimizing duplicate campaigns or adding duplicate creatives for display, mobile and video separately. Dynamic Ad Formats MaxxRTB Platform supports all IAB standard ad formats for Mobile, Video and Display. Display Ad formats - Image, HTML, Text, Flash, Inline Video, Overlay video. Mobile Ad formats - Basic ( Image & Text), MRAID ( Expand Reveal ), Interstitial, IAB Rising Star, Full Page, Adhesion, Pull Creative, Slider Creative, Filmstrip creative, Inline video, Overlay video. Video Ad formats - Such as VAST compliance ad formats. It supports in-stream (pre roll, mid roll, post roll, overlay & companion ads), in-banner and in-text video ad formats. Targeting | Retargeting MaxxRTB Platform has powerful granular level targeting features which will helps you follow your audiance and target your next customer precisely with various factors like location, behavior, interests. Group Targeting, Geographic Targeting, Contextual Targeting\URL targeting, Web Targeting, Mobile Targeting, Profile Targeting, Time Targeting, Language Targeting and Frequency Capping. Re-targeting - You can track the visitor site in real time by behavior, location, interest and serve ad accordingly. helps to record the behavior of a visitor and further breaks down the targeting to deliver ads that are of that user's interests which in turn gives great chances of turning user engagement into a sale transaction, helping advertisers' achieve their goal. Viewability MaxxRTB Platform technology is capable of Viewability advertising for display and mobile advertising. Viewability is an online advertising metric that aims to track only impressions that can actually be seen by users. Viewability is designed to let advertisers pay only for the ads that users could possibly see. MaxxRTB set 20 sec time slot for GTS as study shows its effective regarding awareness and recall. MaxxRTB Platform support Viewability advertising in private ad exchange. OpenRTB MaxxRTB Programmatic Ad Exchange Platform is on OpenRTB 2.3 version. MaxxRTB platform offers Real Time Bidding for mobile, video and display campaign. We are constantly reaching new RTB ad exchange partners to connect with MaxxRTB Platform to strengthen our reach in RTB and ad exchange. We are planning to upgrade to OpenRTB 2.4 and simultaneously bring Native Ads in coming period. SpeedUp Campaign MaxxRTB Platform supports faster and easy campaign setup using group targeting and copy campaign features. Group targeting is powerful feature which will help you reuse saved previously used targeting to speedup next campaign for mobile, video and display, you don't need to enter targeting every time, just select your favorite group. MaxxRTB Platform has Copy campaign feature which will help you setup new campaign in pause mode, you can copy and paste any previously used campaign, this feature will copy all campaign setup, targeting and creatives same as. both Copy campaign and Group targeting will help you Speedup Campaign, save your time, effort and resources. Analytics MaxxRTB Platform measure metrics in real-time. Allows to measure traffic, study user purchase details, browsing habits. MaxxRTB Platform allows generation of reports on various parameters such as Impressions, Clicks, Conversions. Various reports in user-friendly formats such as Overview reports, Campaign wise reports, Creative wise reports, Geographical reports and Video creative reports. Based on real time analytics and reports it is easy to understand which ads are drawing the most attention that help you learn and make better decisions. Ad Placement Quality As an advertiser you looking for site quality of the MaxxRTB exchange, where your ad is going to display. MaxxRTB Platform has strict quality process for publisher site. All the publisher must need to go through MaxxRTB site validation process to approve each sites. MaxxRTB validation process ensure that all sites that you upload to sell your ad inventory, validated by a person; someone physically check that there is no prohibited content on site. Once site is cleared the validation process, we continuously monitor approved site for the content. MaxxRTB Make sure content of site not contain any malicious or prohibited content and comply with IAB policy.
  • Targeting

    Device, OS type, carrier, time of day, geographic and much more.

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MaxxRTB advertising reaches 168 visitors across desktop and mobile web, in countries such as . Pricing models they offer are CPA, CPC, CPM, CPV, Revshare/ROAS on channels such as Display, Email, Mobile, MobileVideo, Native, Social, Video Advertising on MaxxRTB will allow you to reach consumers in industries or verticals such as Technology, Sports, Education, Telecommunications, Food & Beverage, Financial Services, Automotive, Government & Politics, Entertainment, Gaming, Non-Profit, Consumer Packaged Goods, Health & Beauty, Healthcare, Dating, Retail, Clothing & Fashion, eCommerce, Energy and Utilities, Travel & Leisure, Mobile App Installs; you can target them with parameters such as: Device, OS type, carrier, time of day, geographic and much more..

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