Diwan Videos is a Multi-Channel Network (MCN) and media production company based in Dubai and Cairo. With more than 400 managed channels, Diwan prides itself on being the top viewed YouTube MCN in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) and the only regional network to rank among the top 100 MCNs globally.

Diwan provides services to content creators and online advertisers. Services include video content monetization, copyrights protection, archives digitization, and channel optimization for increased viewership. It is the first MCN in the Middle East to develop an online dashboard that gives access to financial monitoring of owned channels, making it easier for clients to track financial performance and assess the direction of the channel.

Diwan also offers consulting services for advertisers on forms of online advertising, sponsorships, branded productions with product placements and digital campaigns.

Diwan's portfolio of premium accounts includes two Time100 winners; Bassem Youssef 'Albernameg', and Amr Khaled in addition to the huge TV&Radio content library of SonoCairo.

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    YouTube MCN: The leading YouTube MCN in the Middle East and Africa
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    Advertisers Brand Association Your brand is only as good as what people associate it with. At Diwan, we don't want to see years of hard work on branding and identity go to waste. That is why we ensure your brand is used to communicate on exactly the right channels, with exactly the right audience. Engaging Campaigns YouTube allows brands to push the limits of their creativity and visibility in a seemingly infinite pool of videos and channel space. Diwan boosts your effectiveness by giving you access to a community of over 400 content creators that can support you and your campaign. Media Buy YouTube offering a multitude of formats to deliver your creative is both an opportunity and a concern. Our creators maximize the opportunity and alleviate the concern by advising you on the best formats to deliver on your campaign KPIs, from In-Stream ads to exclusive sponsorships of a YouTube channel. Branded Production No content works better on YouTube than content created by real YouTubers. These creators live in the YouTube ecosystem and have already built up a dedicated and loyal fanbase. Connecting and engaging with your brand's audience is so much easier when it comes from one of our creators. Campaign Management Tell us your intended targets and leave the management to us. Through launching and optimizing your campaigns on our network of creators and across YouTube, we ensure that all the right eyes will see your creative.
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Diwan Group advertising reaches 12.9k visitors across desktop and mobile web, in countries such as . Pricing models they offer are CPM on channels such as Video Advertising on Diwan Group will allow you to reach consumers in industries or verticals such as .

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