is a first of its kind valuation authority, designed to provide cycling enthusiasts with the safest and the easiest way to assess the value of a bike. The company was founded in 2011 by a group of bicycle enthusiasts who shared a common interest in the secondary bicycle market. The common theme that the founders always asked themselves was "What’s this bike worth?" To answer that question they set out on a journey acquiring bicycle sales data and forming technology partnerships, along the way created Now cyclists everywhere can find out what their bike’s worth.

As cycling enthusiasts and members of the community, is interested in making sure that the secondary online bicycling experience is a complete success from the time consumers look for a potential bike to the time they are ready to purchase. With tools such as the Value Engine, consumers are given bicycle data based on millions of actual sales transactions.

The Marketplace was created to provide a safe and secure destination where consumers can purchase bikes. Consumers don't need to look anywhere else but, a one-stop online valuation and shopping destination for the used bicycle market.


Jeff Farrell, President
Jeff Farrell is the president of He founded the company based on his two main loves: bicycling and the Internet. Jeff has been an avid mountain bike rider for over twenty years and still currently out there on the trails as a recreational rider. Prior to, Jeff has been involved in many startups including retail (Pet Supply Superstores), media content and technology companies. Jeff is based in San Jose, CA.

Bill Ruffner, Vice President of Operations
Bill is the vice president of marketing for overseeing the company's marketing direction along with its retail partner program. With over 30 years' experience of managing and owning bike shops, Bill possesses an acute understanding of the secondary bicycle market. When was formed in 2011, Bill ran the internal test used bike shop where the company bought and sold used bikes in order to develop a better understanding of the market. He is a former triathlete that now competes on the company's master amateur road race team: Racing. In his spare time, Bill keeps his mechanic skills sharp by tuning and repairing the team bikes as well as servicing bikes for his family and friends.

Ryan Yee, Vice President
Ryan provides valuable industry connections and guidance that are necessary to be accepted and succeed. Ryan’s experience as a professional cyclist, National race promoter, Professional Cycling Team General Manager, and Editorial Journalist, all assist with the business development and operations of Ryan also brings industry credibility to the company, which has helped us create a strong brand in less than three years. Ryan oversees all website advertising and works closely with Bill and Jeff on both day-to-day operations and the future updates for the Value Guide and Marketplace.

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    Why As the valuation authority provides cyclists with the easiest way to assess the value of a used bicycle and the safest way to either Buy or Sell online. In some markets even offers cyclists an opportunity to Trade-In their current bike for a new one through their local retailer. Traffic to is growing rapidly (up 235% from prior year), offering brands a cost effective way to actively engage with cyclists. Visitors use our site to research their bikes or transact in our marketplace. What’s more our visitors are constantly customizing their bicycles with aftermarket parts and components, and upgrading to newer, higher-end models. In many cases we offer the first touch point for an up-sell opportunity. Available Advertising Options and Creative Dimensions Wallpaper: 2000x1157 (WxH) The safe zone for content is 450x1157 (WxH) on both sides. Page Take Over Top Banner: 960x180 (WxH) Skyscraper: 120x600 (WxH) Page Take Over Skyscraper: 300x600 (WxH) Top Banner: 960x90 (WxH) Monthly Site Analytics per Google Analytics As of August 2015 Visits: 574,000 Uniques: 372,000 Percent US Traffic: 90% Page Views : 3.0 million Projected Q1 2016 (based on growth trend) Visits: Over 740,000 Uniques: 480,000 Page Views: 4.0+ million For more information and pricing please contact Ryan Yee Ryan Yee (805) 207-5120
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Bicycle Blue Book is the world's best resource for accurate used bicycle values. Pulling from hundreds of thousands of bicycle transactions over seven plus years, with models dating back to 1993, all numbers are processed by Bicycle Blue Book’s proprietary Valuation Engine based on make, model, condition, age, and other variables.

Bicycle Blue Book data is guaranteed to be the most accurate value assessment on the web. Using a proprietary algorithm crafted by a combination of bicycle industry veterans and technology experts, the resulting valuation is a real-world number based on aggregated sales data and practical evaluation.

We know you have options – but we also know that you want the most accurate information available on your bicycle’s value. That’s why at Bicycle Blue Book, we've undergone a meticulous process, first poring over two million sales records – both for bicycles and related items – then filtering out the bad data from the good.
The result? The most comprehensive, most reliable, most accurate, and most up-to-date valuation for your bicycle available. We make data accuracy our top priority. It’s the only thing that matters.

The Bicycle Blue Book process significantly speeds up the process for valuing used bicycles. Many sellers need anywhere from 24 hours to a full week to determine a used bicycle's value. The process involves performing a physical examination, researching prices for similar makes and models, estimating the time and effort necessary to repair or re-condition parts, and predicting market demand. With Bicycle Blue Book, the number is set and the explanations are thorough, streamlining the valuation process into something that's as simple as filling out a form.

When searching for a used bicycle consumers may see a wide range of prices, all for the same make and model. What justifies this discrepancy? Is the buyer getting ripped off, paying the proper amount, or getting an incredible deal? Bicycle Blue Book can clarify all of those issues. When buyers use Bicycle Blue Book’s Value Engine, they’ll get access to a detailed report sheet and an accurate price they can trust.

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Mar 24, 2016

The price!

This app is just for newer bike! If you have a older bike they just bring the price down. They price bicycles like cars! (It does not have a engine, dome A)and even if some one agrees to sell u at "BBB" price, you going to spend a lot more in repairs. The average tuneup in the USA is $75 for newer bikes (no parts). This people is trying to make money with a totally inaccurate and misleading app. You are better off with Craig list, Letgo, Wallapop, eBay (if u know what you r buying). NO body (Bicycle tech) I'll buy, repair (any 5 year old will need it) an sell a descent bike for $90 (when new cost $450) at least $200. Go to Walmart and get one for $99 NEW "POWER TO CHINA!"


Jul 26, 2015

Useless if you have a newer bike

App is good for older models but can't find any of family's bikes. I want the value of a 2013 Townie. Newest model in app is from 2009. Please update your database.


May 08, 2015

Useless and spammy

Requires access to location even when not using app?? I don't think so. It doesn't even use location to look up a bike. I call BS. Also the results are clearly some hacked together database of disparate information. Many results are listed but simply have a $0 value. Lastly, the app is ugly!! Sad.


May 07, 2015

Very disappointing

I am looking for the same bike I am looking for on my computer and does not come Search criteria is terrible


May 06, 2015

Let down

Gives a value based on stock specs....wouldn't even come close to my bikes value as I've upgraded almost everything on ride! Searched app everywhere and couldn't find a way to account for upgrades, which makes app useless to me!


Feb 17, 2015

Useful but frustrating search function

Tracking the value of a bike is very useful. Finding the value on the app can be much more difficult than just using the website. When searching for a specific model, the app shows all similar models. For instance if looking for a Trek "Top Fuel 7" the app will display all Trek bikes with "Fuel" or "7" in the name. There are a lot of Fuel trims as well as various models in the 7 trim. This means the user has to scroll through a ton of results to find the model and trim listing for the specific bike chosen.
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