AdClickMedia Advertising Network - PPC, Email Advertising Network. Text, Banner, Email Pay-Per-Click and Interstitial advertising.

Established in 2009, AdclickMedia is a division of Multiple Stream Media, LLC.

Our mission is to take the most advanced display advertising and email ppc channels and making them accessible for brands of all size and budget. We offer the most cutting edge pay per click advertising products for advertisers and publishers in a format that is both simple and affordable.

We believe in transparency in pricing and reporting, and we are proud of the fact that we are helping online businesses of all sizes to grow their businesses.

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    AdClickMedia Advertising Network - PPC, Email Advertising Network. Text, Banner, Email Pay-Per-Click and Interstitial advertising.
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    AdClickMedia Pay-Per-Click ad network places highly targeted Photo-Text Ads, Banner Ads, and Interstitial Ads on quality and relevant websites that fit the category of your audience. Our advertisers benefit from a unique solution that delivers premiere source of traffic with complete transparency. Easy: Pay-per-click doesn't have to be complicated. Our simple interface allows you to start and manage all your campaigns the way you want it. Relevant: Display ads on relevant category based web properties worldwide. Control every aspect of your campaign right from your advertiser's dashboard. Affordable: AdClickMedia platform allows you to set your daily ad budget for all your campaigns. Enjoy the most competitive PPC bid rates in the industry.
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AdClickMedia advertising reaches 31.8k visitors across desktop and mobile web, in countries such as . Pricing models they offer are CPC on channels such as Display, Video, Social, Email Advertising on AdClickMedia will allow you to reach consumers in industries or verticals such as .

They are headquartered at Hurley, NY, United States, and have advertising & marketing contacts listed on Thalamus.