Above Average is the premiere online destination for original comedic videos and written content featuring the industry’s top creators, celebrities, and rising talent. As the company behind popular web series and videos including “7 Minutes in Heaven,” “Alec Baldwin’s Love Ride,” “Hudson Valley Ballers,” “Sound Advice” with Vanessa Bayer, and “Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors,” Above Average has one mission: to make high-quality content that makes you laugh. Above Average is a proud member of Broadway Video.

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    Above Average is a comedy network. Our videos have kids hyped up on sugar, dinosaur news reporters, puppets in high school, movie executives, bathroom attendants, and superhero sidekicks. You can watch our shows here. As a network, we bring together different voices with the same mission: to make high-quality videos that make you laugh. You can meet our channel partners here. We’re part of the Broadway Video family, the company that brought you Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Portlandia, and 30 Rock.
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A long time ago, in a place far away there lived a dot of color in a black and white world. But being different had naver been so hard...

Use the phone gyroscope/accelometer to navigate our hero through the hords of angry enemies. They will hate you, they will hunt you.. and each collision will make you more white. If you become like them, you will lose.

Fight your way in 15 different levels against 25+ unique opponents, and test your survival skills in last infinite stage trying to last as long as possible.

Please leave your toughts and comments, so we can improve it and make the game better. Also if you like it, you can check our other game ?15 puzzle game?.

Good luck!

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