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    Bitcoin Advertising Network
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    Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods, eCommerce, Entertainment, Financial Services, Non-Profit, Technology, Telecommunications, Travel & Leisure
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    A-ADS (Anonymous Ads) is a bitcoin online advertising network that doesn’t collect personal data. We believe there is a growing market for alternative online advertising that is efficient for advertisers while preserving users' privacy. That is why our ads neither contain scripts nor use cookies and they can be safely embedded anywhere. Our scalable infrastructure comprises dozens of servers which deliver circa 149 million ad impressions a day to visitors from all over the world. A-ADS offers transparent statistics, automated bitcoin transactions, and diverse traffic from thousands of sites and applications. It takes less than a minute to create a new advertising campaign. No registration required, try it yourself!
  • Owned / Operated Properties
    eakim.com, softcashforall.com, open-transactions.com, lurkmore.com, tikitumble.com, anonprofile.com, bs-coins.info
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A-Ads advertising reaches 1.38M visitors across desktop and mobile web, in countries such as India, United States, Egypt, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia. Pricing models they offer are CPM on channels such as Display, Social Advertising on A-Ads will allow you to reach consumers in industries or verticals such as eCommerce, Non-Profit, Consumer Packaged Goods, Automotive, Telecommunications, Travel & Leisure, Financial Services, Entertainment, Technology.

They are headquartered at Tallahassee, FL, United States, and have 1 advertising & marketing contacts listed on Thalamus. According to their Ads.txt, A-Ads inventory partners include: a-ads.com.

A-Ads works with Advertising technology companies such as A-ADS, DoubleClick.Net.