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The Sender Policy Framework is an open standard specifying a technical method to prevent sender address forgery.
Amazon SES
Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a scalable, bulk, transactional email-sending service for businesses and developers.

Web Server

Apache has been the most popular web server on the Internet since April 1996.
Mobile App Data
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  • App Url: https://itunes.apple.com/app/band-us/id882466804
  • App Support: http://www.bandus.co.kr
  • Genre: Games
  • Bundle ID: com.Bandus.Freeze
  • App Size: 35.1 M
  • Version: 1.4
  • Release Date: June 4th, 2014
  • Update Date: June 4th, 2014


You are a good virus trying to get avoid bad viruses, which are trying to infect you.

Very hard to avoid attacks? Use Freeze skill, which make freeze all viruses at the moment. When you click the stop watch, you can freeze them all.

Don’t forget to use the freeze skill only in emergency situations since you cannot recharge the skill .

Challenge for the longest time to avoid them!!

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Jun 09, 2014



????? ??????~^^

Jun 09, 2014


Wowoooo. Best!!! Cool!!!
The AV Foundation framework provides an Objective-C interface for managing and playing audio-visual media in iOS and OS X applications.
Core Foundation Framework
Core Foundation is a framework that provides fundamental software services useful to application services, application environments, and to applications themselves. Core Foundation also provides abstractions for common data types, facilitates internationalization with Unicode string storage, and offers a suite of utilities such as plug-in support, XML property lists, URL resource access, and preferences.
Core Graphics
The Core Graphics framework is based on the Quartz advanced drawing engine. It provides low-level, lightweight 2D rendering with unmatched output fidelity. You use this framework to handle path-based drawing, transformations, color management, offscreen rendering, patterns, gradients and shadings, image data management, image creation, and image masking, as well as PDF document creation, display, and parsing.
Core Location Framework
The Core Location framework lets you determine the current location or heading associated with a device. The framework uses the available hardware to determine the user’s position and heading. You use the classes and protocols in this framework to configure and schedule the delivery of location and heading events. You can also use it to define geographic regions and monitor when the user crosses the boundaries of those regions. In iOS, you can also define a region around a Bluetooth beacon.
Foundation Framework
Launch Services
Quartz Core Framework
This collection of documents provides the API reference for the Quartz Core framework, which supports image processing and video image manipulation.
System Configuration F...
This collection of documents describes the programming interfaces of the System Configuration framework. The System Configuration framework provides functions that determine the reachability of target hosts in both a synchronous and an asynchronous manner. It also provides error detection facilities.
The UIKit framework (UIKit.framework) provides the crucial infrastructure needed to construct and manage iOS apps. This framework provides the window and view architecture needed to manage an app’s user interface, the event handling infrastructure needed to respond to user input, and the app model needed to drive the main run loop and interact with the system.
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