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    Publisher: 1310 News - News, Sports, Talk
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    Inside 1310News We’ve Got You Covered #1 With News #1 With Sports #1 With Traffic and Weather About 1310News 1310News is Ottawa’s News. Sports. Talk. With the largest radio newsroom in the city staffed by a team of award-winning journalists, 1310News delivers the news, traffic, weather and business information you need, when you need it Are you looking for more information about advertising? Please call 613-736-2001 for 1310News Sales and general reception.
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The first and largest open marketplace for behavioral targeting data.
Neustar AdAdvisor
Neustar AdAdvisor provides data to online marketers and websites to help them improve their ability to deliver content and advertising to consumers.
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This website mentions COVID-19 / Novel Coronavirus.
PDF Embedder
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Google Tag Manager
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Getty Images
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RPX Now is an open-id project to let webmasters enable one click registration to their portal via validation of users existing id with google,yahoo,facebook,myspace etc.
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1310 News advertising reaches 69.8k visitors across desktop and mobile web, in countries such as . Pricing models they offer are CPM on channels such as Display, Mobile, Email, Social Advertising on 1310 News will allow you to reach consumers in industries or verticals such as .

They are headquartered at Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and have advertising & marketing contacts listed on Thalamus. According to their Ads.txt, 1310 News inventory partners include:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

1310 News works with Advertising technology companies such as Rovion, eyeReturn, Dstillery, eXelate, Chango, Neustar AdAdvisor, AOL-Time Warner Online Advertising, Yield Manager, Media Innovation Group, BlueKai, DemDex, AppNexus, Resonate Insights, Atlas, Google Publisher Tag, Google Adsense, DoubleClick.Net, Evidon, Aggregate Knowledge, Adify, Rocket Fuel, Index Exchange,, Eq Ads, Turn, SiteScout, Criteo,, AcuityAds, Digilant, VINDICO, AdGear, The Trade Desk, Centro, Facebook Exchange FBX, ContextWeb, Openads/OpenX, Yahoo Small Business, Pubmatic, Rubicon Project, Connexity, SpotXchange, Tapad, Improve Digital, Integral Ad Science, Adap.TV, AdMob, Flashtalking, MyBuys, Videology, Specific Media, LiveRail, Twitter Ads, Crosswise, BlueKai DMP, Jumptap, Experian, BrightRoll, DoubleVerify, AudienceScience, Adobe Audience Manager Sync, Header Tag by Index Exchange, Criteo Publisher Marketplace, Google Direct, Ads.txt, AppNexus Direct, RUN Ads, OpenX Direct, Facebook Direct, Adhigh, GetIntent, Trueffect, IndexExchange Direct, IponWeb BidSwitch, TripleLift, Amazon Direct, AppNexus Reseller, DistrictM Direct, Google Reseller, Yahoo Ad Sync, Adswizz, Amazon Ad System, Google AdSense Integrator, Amazon Associates, Eyeota, Datonics, DistrictM, Beeswax, StackAdapt, Clickagy, DynAdmic, OpenX Reseller, Telaria Direct, AOL Reseller, IndexExchange Reseller, Quantum Native Solutions Direct, SmartAdServer Reseller, Tremor Video Reseller, LiveIntent Direct, Teads Direct, Avocet, So-net Media, Blis, Freebit Admind, Smaato Direct, Adobe Audience Manager, AOL Direct, Prebid, Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace.